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Japanese Sake

Junmai: Classic Junmai contains a rice polishing ratio within 70-100% of its original weight, known as its seimaido. Many Junmai fall into the former category (70% seimaido), reducing its kernels by roughly a third. The higher polishing ratios mean sake rice grains still hold various protein, minerals, vitamins and lipids, contributing to sake with more body, higher acidity, and pronounced umami flavors.

Tokubetsu Junmai: Tokubetsu Junmai has a rice polishing ratio of 60%. Like regular Junmai, the remaining proteins create a medium-bodied, savory-tasting sake than more polished types.

Junmai Ginjo: Junmai Ginjo sake maintains rice polishing ratios also at 60%, sometimes less. This particular type of Junmai also introduces a special production method known as Ginjikomi, resulting in sake with a fruity and floral profile.

Junmai Daiginjo: With a 50% or less rice polishing ratio, Junmai Daiginjo is the most milled rice grain used for Japanese sake. Junmai Daiginjo exposes the starch-rich kernel of each grain, creating delicate tasting sakes.


Red wines and White wines monthly selections

Japanese Beers

Glass (12 oz) $5.50 

Pitcher (60oz) $ 23 

Echigo(Rice lager) S $10, 

M. (500 ml) $13

Stout $ 13 Red Ale $12

Sapporo (lager)S $ 6 L $ 11

Japanese Sake 

(by masu/ sake flask/ bottle)

Dassai Junmai Daiginjo

Dassai 45

純米大吟醸 a rice polishing 45% rate that unlocks fruity & floral flavors. semi dry S(4oz) $14 L (7oz) $25 Bottle (720ml) $65

Dassai 39

純米大吟醸 a high rice polishing 39 % rate that unlocks fruity & floral flavors. semi dry Bottle (720ml) $80

Dassai 23

純米大吟醸 a highest rice polishing 23 % rate that unlocks fruity & floral flavors. semi dry Bottle (720ml) $130

Koshi no Kanbai “Chotokusen”

"Pinnacle of Perfection" dry

Delicately flavored, astonishingly subtle, impeccably balanced, this legendary label is the despair of sake critics in Japan, who confess that its flavor is impossible to describe.

$ 195 SMV: +6

Kubota ' Manju'

Junmai Daiginjo, mild, layered subtle elegant tastes of authentic method of Japaese high-end sake.

“10,000 Ostentatious-nesses” Bottle (720ml) $160

Masumi's Arabashiri has come!

Freshly pressed Nama Junmai ginjo!

This young, unpasteurized sake is made with a strain of the No. 7 yeast discovered at Masumi's brewery 70 years ago. Practically exploding with flavor, the Masumi Arabashiri pairs well with robust foods. It is smooth and round with juicy semi-rich flavors that normally come with careful aging. Enjoy honeydew melon, pear, apple, white grape, and a hint of grapefruit. It is both floral and fruity. * Seasonal. Limited.

S(4oz) $ 13 L (7oz)$25 Bottle  $ 63

Born Gold Junmai Daiginjo 純米大吟醸 mild

Junmai Daigingo "Born Gold"

Class: Junmai Daiginjo, Muroka

Rice: Yamada Nishiki

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 50%

Brewery Location: Fukui Prefecture

Food Pairings: Dishes cooked with butter, cheese and olive oil. Also delicate Japanese dishes.

Tasting Notes:This Muroka Junmai Daiginjo is stored unpasteurized in -10 degrees Celcius after brewing, and is pasteurized only once immediately before shipping. The absence of carbon filtration (aka, Muroka) leads to a large presence of flavor and a lively aroma.

S(4oz) $15 L (7oz) 26 Bottle (720ml) $70 SMV +1

*ask if you need any assistance with sake, please.

Dry sake + 12---> Medium sake ---> Mild sake -- 0

Oze no Yukidoke J

Junmai Chokaraguchi “Bone Dry”

 - Clean and smooth finishing

チョー辛口 S (4oz) $12 

  L (7 oz) $22

 Bottle(720 ml) $ 65

(SMV +10)

Izumi Judan JG

“ Dry, Elegant and Tasty! “ 

 S (4oz) $13 L (7 oz) $23 

 Bottle(720 ml) $ 70

(SMV +12)

‘Kitashizuku” JG-Nama Genshu "Brewed in Hawaii!"

A bright and beaming brew with a light-body, hints of wet stone and a super dry finish -

Easy and enjoyable Sake to pair with food. 

Small 4oz $13 large 7oz $24 

 750 ml Bottle $ 75

(SMV +3)

Semi Medium-->Medium dry sake

Tedorigawa Yamahai Junmai

Rich and bold with lots of action that wakes the palate with a bright and cutting sharpness that is addictive with each sip. There are hints of honey, cashews, yogurt, and a vein of citrus that drinks 

SMV +2 Bottle 720ml $ 65

Kokuryu Junmai Ginjo. "Black Dragon”

Smooth, Deep, Rich, & Savory

Prefecture: Fukui

SMV: +3

Bottle 720 ML $ 80


This is a modern recreation of the ancient kimoto style. This savoury sake can be enjoyed warm or cold with an amazing role for food-friendly sake.

S (4oz) 13, L(8oz) 22 SMV +4

720 ML $ 65

Medium dry sake

Sohomare Tokubetsu “Karaguchi”

Dry richness of texture, thanks to the use of Yamadanishiki rice polished down to 60%, This makes it not just an excellent sake for a variety of non-Japanese dishes, but one whose dryness means it can that can be served equally well chilled or at melt-in-the-mouth room temperature for an extra savoury touch of umami.

S (4oz) 13, L(8oz) 22 SMV +5

COUNTRY: Japan 720 ML $ 65

Kuzuryu  J. “Nine-Headed dragon”

 (semi mild), mild and smooth. 

 飲みやすい 'warm sake'-ok

 S (4oz) 11, L( 7 oz) 18 

Bottle (720ml) $ 55


Asatsuyu 2020 Vintage -White-Sauvignon Blanc 'Fresh. dry, a vibrant citrusy fragrance; exceptionally paired with sashimi, sushi and seafood.'(375 ML-half bottle) $ 80

Yui 2020 Vintage -Rose-'Dry and light and incredibly versatile, hints of tea rose, orange zest and agave nectar'

(375 ML-half bottle) $ 80

Lindo FlAGSHIP Red Blend 'Ultra silky smooth, captivating bouquet' 93 points 2017

(375 ML-half bottle) $ 91

ASUKA Red Blend *Cabernet Franc, Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot)

'Gentle, vibrant, refined boldness'. 94 points 

(375 ML-half bottle) $ 110​

* All Kenjo Wine is served by Bottle Sale Only.                       


REd Wine- selected monthly 


by Château Pascaud 2018

Red blend

"The grand château of this estate is surrounded by vines planted on clay and chalk soil. This wine, with its dense tannins in place, is young and shows some good aging potential. Ripe blackberry flavors shine alongside bright acidity, showing a balance that is still developing."

by the glass $ 14

Bottle (720ml) $64

Carbernet sauvignon

by the glass $14

Bottle $64

Chardonnay Lioco -Sonoma, CA

Pale gold. Lemon curd, chamomile, and green apple. Crisp, mineral, and not a trace of oak. Acidic with a hint of oil for roundness and grapefruit pith on the finish.

by the glass 14

Bottle (720ml) $64

Pinot Grigio -Italy

Medium dry, very easy and refreshing with food friendly.

by the glass

Bottle $62


Menu Items

Pinot Noir HERON, CA

The palate exhibits juicy black cherry and berry flavors. The finish is long and elegant, offering hints of exotic spice. Wadenswill is a clone which lends flavors of mouthwatering sour cherry and crushed strawberries, while Pommard 4 provides earthiness. The wine has soft tannins from the cool climate selection and finishes with balanced acidity, light bodied tannins and a soft, silky finish.

by the glass $14

Bottle (720ml) $60

Japanese Shochu

Shochu is a type of alcohol that you can enjoy in various ways like other distilled spirits.

Iichiko (Barley) 

“KomeJochu”(made from rice)

   if you are a beginner at “Shochu”

shot/ on the rock/ bottle 

                       $5  / $40 


Hitotsuno no Mugi (Barley)

“MugiJochu” is very dry and clear taste.

Hitotsubu No Mugi is a premium barley shochu with timeless umami and grain characters. The aroma is bright and round and the texture is creamy and very smooth. This shochu is drinkable and delicious – everything you’d expect out of a Mugi shochu and more!

     shot/ on the rock /bottle 

                           $6 / $ 48


Ginrei Shiro (Rice) (Barley)

 -smooth and hints of sweetness and fruity.

 Rice shochu fermented with Ginjo yeast in low temperature. Flowery and elegant, reminiscent of Ginjo shochu.

shot/ on the rock /bottle 

                               $7 / $ 54

Imo Sochu (Sweet Potato)

Aka Kirishima

If you like “Potato Vodka”, you may already ready for “Imo Jochu”(made from Japanese sweet potatoes).

        shot/ on the rock  $8  / bottle  $60


Tomino Houzan -S.Potatato

-made from selected sweet potatoes grown by local producers and yellow koji, producing a sophisticated aroma with a fruity nature. It contains notes of citrus fruits and pears, and is best enjoyed on the rocks

or with cold water.

  shot/ on the rock/ $10,  Bottle $ 65



Satoh (S.Potato) 

Satoh is a richly flavorful sweet potato shochu of surpassing quality. Its graceful, well-knit texture

is the result of careful aging. A Delicious shochu!!

-superb taste and hard to find - even in Japan.

Bottle $ 85

Japanese Sour & mixed drinks (alcohol)

Great King Whiskey Highball 

Compass Box founder/blender John Glaser said in a press release, “As well as being delicious neat, Great King Street is equally enjoyable drunk with ice, as a refreshing Highball with soda water and ice, or in cocktails.

Highball $14

Neat $ 11

Lemon sour  7.95

Iichiko shochu/ Perrier, Lemon juice, sugar syrup, lemon slice.

Oolong Hai $7.95

Iichiko shochu/ Oolong tea, Lemon

Ume shu (Japanese Plum wine)

on the rock $5.95

Highball $ 8.95